Tuesday, January 10, 2012

borak2 kering 1

A fellow US colleague working in the department asked me:

"so, i heard about your country's topsy turvy from CNN-- are they true?
I did some politics back in the states, so yeah, i know how you malaysians hate mahat-dir.
A tyrant, a somewhat dictator, as named by most.
So 'un-wa' would be up for the chair?"

Pastu ketawa yg aku tak paham connotation apa.

Panas. I smiled and said:

"i heard all your politicians except ron paul are running their campaign based on iran's imaginary nuke".

Aku gelak kuat sikit.
Pastu aku ulang2 "imaginary" sambil gelak dgn nada "kessiannnn".

And continued:
"i dont even trust my cousins.
I wont start trusting the news any soon".

*pats him on the shoulder*

"the states question why korean shed litres of tears for their 'dear leader' when he died--
thinking the states know best of how to live life.
I'd say this: we hit our children to teach and we are happy about it--
we dont go making headlines how psychotheraphy for child raising is bullshit, aye?"

Awkward moment kow2 punya. Pastu aku sambung kasi finishing:

"Dont diss my country, mate.
Dad was in the army.
I'd kill to protect my flag.
Now, priatna apetit (jemput makan)"

I guess he wont hang out with me any longer. Dem. Hahaha.
Fynn Jamal akan ada haters secara global.