Tuesday, December 11, 2012


writing the harshest truth is never hard.
i never mind being a social outcast--
so writing from my sincerest thought is always easy.

but explaining?

explaining them always give me cancer.

i often forget,
i teach creative thinking and poetic elements only in class.

and these people are not my students.
it is tiring--
this explaing part of the modern writing.

some quotes i read said--
we are only responsible for what we write.
not what others understand.

i get it.
but when i write at all times in general ideas--
they always come back to me with personal comments addressed to me and indirectly to my family.

which sucks by the way.

but hell.
qulil haqq walau kaana murra, right?
at the end of the day,
at least i produce thoughts--
with MY NAME on it--
making a stand about things that could matter in life.

ini fynn jamal cakap.
at least i have the guts to speak up.

so readers.
at times when you fail to understand every words i say--
literal and those in between the lines--
i give up.

it is your loss from being prejudice.
and ignorant.
and your lack of "excuse me kak, what do you mean?".

not mine.

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